Summer: Ringing Options with Fewer Ringers

It’s finally summer and the program year has come to a rest; however some may be busy preparing special music for Sunday services, teaching a summer music class or maybe you ring and just can’t get enough! Don’t disregard ringing over the summer just because rehearsals have ended and your musicians have scattered in different directions.  There are resources available for fewer ringers and some of them won’t even require a lot of rehearsal!  Consider the readily available options below on the ChimeWorks website under Handchime Ensembles, each title is available for immediate purchase with digital download.

For lower intermediate ringers, consider twelve bell music.  The resources that we are recommending require you to own a three octave set of handchimes or handbells and the 12 note range is from F5 to C7.  The arrangements themselves have no chime or bell changes and can be rung without tables.  These collections lend themselves to little rehearsal and can be put together quickly for a summer occasion.

All Praise to Thee, Vol 1

All Praise to Thee, Vol 2

Classical Favorites for Twelve Bells

Spirituals for Twelve Bells

Hymns for Twelve Bells

Five Hymns for Twelve Bells

With most ringing ensembles, there are varied skills within a group.  Summertime is a great time to challenge the more advanced ringers that you have by offering them pieces arranged for 5, 6, or 7 ringers.  In the arrangements below, a minimum of two octaves (G4 – G6) of instruments are needed and arranged for a minimum of five ringers.   Depending on the skills of your ringers, these arrangements can be put together quickly or they are a summer project with results being shared on Rally Sunday.


Land of Rest

Holy Manna

When Morning Gilds the Skies

One more option would be solo ringing.  Maybe you love to ring and can’t get others together to ring in an ensemble.  Consider covering the melody yourself and ask your favorite accompanist to join you.  Cathy Moklebust has adapted several of her most popular works for use by the handbell soloist.  These solos are easily adapted to handchimes.  Her husband David has created keyboard accompaniments, which are also available electronically for use in either practice or performance.  The seven solos in this first collection are very accessible, and encompass various seasons of the church year.  A pull-out soloist’s book is included.

Easy Favorites for the Handbell Soloist is a collection of solos that will take your ringing to the next level and keep you busy during these longer days of summer.  You’ll feel great in the fall when you reflect on all you’ve accomplished and being lazy was not how you spent your days!

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