Let Freedom Ring


Looking for some ideas to celebrate The USA during your summer music-making fun?  We have some suggestions for you that will ring out during your celebrations:


Sing and Ring:

ChimeWorks has some suggestions for pre-readers of any age.  Teach a basic song and add in chords or harmonic patterns taught without the printed score!


Teach these patriotic gems and harmonize them with basic chords indicated by using a chart:


America The Beautiful

Learning simple patterns by rote, pre-readers will be able to accompany this
camp favorite:


For older youth and adults try these Ring & Sing favorites – Pass out a text sheet with the appropriate handchime, have participants sing –  when a word is circled they ring their handchime and when it is underlined, they damp.

The Star-Spangled Banner

America the Beautiful II

Music Literacy:

Introduce the steps to music literacy to pre-readers by teaching eye-hand coordination using our Icon chart and be dandy:

Yankee Doodle

With these patriotic lesson plan favorites, summer will be a blast!

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