Welcome to ChimeWorks.com!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the ChimeWorks website. ChimeWorks is a vibrant resource community that supports musicians who educate and perform using handchimes. Here, we provide a site where music leaders can share and be rewarded.

Our membership program offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Relevant resources with regard to handchimes
  • Online store featuring lesson plans and reproducible music
  • Opportunities for you to submit your own lesson plans and be rewarded financially
  • A vibrant community where you can share, learn and be mentored
  • Continuing Education opportunities
  • Funding your program and so much more…

Join the ChimeWorks community to gain access to a wealth of information, such as the history of handchimes, their design and maintenance, and all of the technical information needed to teach ringing. Energize your classroom or rehearsal with downloadable lesson plans that include compliancy points, objectives, teaching processes and student assessment guides.

Are you ready to become a member of the ChimeWorks community? Sign up today!

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