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From Singing to Ringing

From Singing to Ringing
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  • Author/Composer/Arranger: Karen Thompson
  • Use: Sacred
  • Octaves Used - Select One: 2 - 3 Octaves
  • Level: Level 1, Level 2
  • Topic: General
  • Origin: African American Spiritual
  • Use Caution with Techniques and/or Tempo: Caution
From Singing to Ringing is a valuable resource for teaching and reinforcing some basic, yet essential, music skills needed to ring handbells. Keeping a steady beat and visually tracking music from beat to beat (and measure to measure) are important skills that handbell ringers must accomplish to be successful. The conventional approach to aid in learning these two skills in a handchime/handbell setting is counting aloud by director and/or ringers. From Singing to Ringing serves the same purpose as counting aloud, but in a more enjoyable and engaging way.  Additionally, rhythms are easier to perform and internalize when sung. If they can sing it, they can ring it!

Contents:  Love Round, Chatter with the Angels, God Is So Good, Do Lord